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SINGAPORE, 27 October 2017


oBike, Singapore’s first homegrown smart stationless bike-sharing company, announced today that its geofencing feature which covers over 1100 parking zones, across 150 bus-stops, 50 MRT stations and more than 800 yellow boxes islandwide, has gone ‘live’ on its app. Defined by blue polygonal shapes and “P” indicators in the oBike app, these virtual parking zones will enable users to identify and park their bikes at designated bike-parking zones more accurately.

The launch of geofencing is part of the recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the Land Transport Authority and oBike, that aims to reinforce gracious cycling etiquettes and responsible parking behaviour. To ensure a higher degree of accuracy, oBike will launch and complete its beacon geofencing by the second quarter of next year.


Geofencing is a technology that determines if the bicycles are parked in designated parking zones. It acts as a virtual boundary that alerts the entering and exiting of bicycles in an area. Users will be notified when they enter a geofenced area to park the bike. To ensure comprehensive coverage, oBike will continue to cover more areas virtually and via beacon geofencing in phases.


There are over 1100 parking zones in Singapore that can be found next to bus stops, at HDB void decks and in parks. Many of these parking zones are easily identifiable by yellow boxes although some parking zones are virtual and can only be viewed on the app. These parking zones are indicated in the mobile application, by the letter ‘P’, and users are required to cycle to any of these designated parking zone to park their bicycles.


For a period of six months, users who do not park their bicycles within the designated bicycle parking zones or within the geofenced areas, will receive a notification in the app to inform them that their bikes have not been parked properly. After the trial period, 10 Points will be deducted from users who do not park within the geofenced areas each time. Recalcitrant users will not be allowed to use the service when they reach 0 Points.

Likewise, users who exhibit responsible riding behaviour, like parking within geofenced areas, will be incentivised with oBike Credit Points. These Points are accumulated and can be used to exchange for a range of rewards such as lifestyle products, shopping vouchers and hotel stays, starting from as low as 500 Points.

Edward Chen, co-founder of oBike said, “As Singapore’s first homegrown bike-sharing company, we are pleased to be the first to roll out our geofencing feature across Singapore. Since our official launch in April this year, we have seen a marked improvement in the way users handle and park our bikes. However, more can be done to educate users on the proper ways of returning their bikes. That is why we are offering a six-month trial for users to familiarise themselves with the new feature. Our aim is to nudge users into positive bike-sharing behaviour and ultimately shape a more gracious cycling community.”

About oBike oBike is Southeast Asia’s first smart bike-sharing company which aims to become the next generation transportation company designed for first- and last-mile commuting. oBike’s mission is to make environmentally friendly transportation affordable, available and accessible by everyone and everywhere.

oBike first launched in Singapore as the country’s first station-less smart bike-sharing operator, and has since expanded to over 30 cities in 10 countries worldwide in under a year. The company has made cycling a convenient, fun and environmentally-friendly commute option to more than 2 million users across Southeast Asia alone.

For more details, please visit The oBike App is currently available on the App Store and Google Play.





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