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Australia, 17 October 2017

oBike Enters MoU with City Councils to Improve Bike-sharing System

Australia, 17 October 2017 – oBike, the first and the biggest smart station-less bike-sharing operator in Australia, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Melbourne City Council, Port Phillip City Council and Yarra City Council, to enhance the bike-sharing experience in Melbourne.

Cycling as an alternative first- and last-mile solution plays a key role in the mobility of Melbourne commuters, and is oBike’s global mission in offering an environmentally-friendly, next generation mode of transportation. The MoU is part of a one-year agreement that provides a framework to make urban cycling safe, accessible and sustainable for all Victorians.

"Ensuring convenience for the public, as well as their safety, is among our top priorities as the leading bike-sharing company in Asia. oBike is committed to working with the city councils to help nurture and build an active city that supports walking and cycling as part of Victorian’s daily commute,” said Chethan Rangaswamy, Head of Marketing, oBike Australia.

As part of the tie-up, oBike will contribute financially towards developing a Bicycle Infrastructure in Melbourne. This is to ensure sufficient bike-parking facilities and curb indiscriminate parking. oBike will also expand its maintenance and operations team to cope with increasing demand. To determine riding patterns and hence improve the infrastructure and efficiency of the city’s transport network, the bike-sharing company will also work closely with the councils to provide commuters’ usage patterns and OD data (i.e. origin, destination and route of bike usage). In addition, oBike will work with the local communities like Bicycle Network’s Ride to Work Day as part of its engagement efforts.

To deter inconsiderate users, oBike will continue to enhance its credit system, through which users can earn points to enjoy lower rental rates. Users can report damaged bikes or inconsiderate behavior such as errant parking, and oBike will deploy a maintenance team to check on and remove these bikes.

About oBike oBike is Southeast Asia’s first smart bike-sharing company which aims to become the next generation transportation company designed for first- and last-mile commuting. oBike’s mission is to make environmentally friendly transportation affordable, available and accessible by everyone and everywhere.

oBike first launched in Singapore as the country’s first station-less smart bike-sharing operator, and has since expanded to over 30 cities in 10 countries worldwide in under a year. The company has made cycling a convenient, fun and environmentally-friendly commute option to more than 2 million users across Southeast Asia alone.

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