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SINGAPORE, 14 September 2017

oBike Debuts in Hong Kong, Expands Footprint in Asia

SINGAPORE, 14 September 2017 - oBike, Singapore’s first homegrown station-less smart bike-sharing company, today announced the launch of its operations in Hong Kong. Currently the biggest bike-sharing operator in Southeast Asia, the launch marks another milestone in the company’s growth plan to expand its presence to 80 cities by end 2017.

For a start, the leading bike-sharing company will deploy 1000 of its bicycles, with this number expected to increase to address growing demand for the oBike service. Apart from main residential areas including Lanma Island and Yuen Long, oBike’s bicycles will also be located in strategic locations like Ma An Shan Park and Tsueng Kwun O (TKO) where there are cycling lanes built to support the strong cycling community in these areas.

The launch in Hong Kong aims to promote bike-riding as an alternative form of exercise in Hong Kong. It complements the active lifestyle of the people, and provides ease and convenience in their everyday commute.

“We know that people in Hong Kong are avid hikers. Our foray into Hong Kong will provide people with greater choice when it comes to living an active lifestyle, especially for users who do not own a bicycle. With an extensive 270km cycling lane, I am confident that cyclists in Hong Kong will embrace this bike-sharing scheme and utilise our services as part of their daily routine,” said Mr Edward Chen, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of oBike.

Earlier this year, the Hong Kong Government announced its plan to combat climate change and attain its carbon emission target by 2030. It aims to encourage people to be more active and rely less on motorised transport. This is in line with oBike’s vision of harnessing technology to transform the way people commute in urban cities.

Mr Chen added: “With the introduction of our bicycles in residential areas, we hope to encourage people in Hong Kong to rely less on urban transportation such as cars and taxis. Greater adoption of bike-riding habits, in the long run, can significantly reduce the carbon footprints of individuals and reduce carbon emissions from urban transportation.”

To use the oBike service, users can download the oBike app, pay a one-time refundable deposit of HDD350, locate the nearest bicycle shown on the app, and cycle! At the end of the ride, users can simply return the bike in any designated public bike-parking areas, turn on their bluetooth and lock it. Rides are charged at HKD3 per 15 minutes.

About oBike oBike is Singapore’s first station-less smart bike-sharing company which uses technology to change how transportation is viewed in Singapore, allowing commuters to conveniently travel– especially during one-way first- and last-mile commuting – via bicycles located all over the island. This provides a convenient and environmentally-friendly commute option for all, especially given Singapore’s compact size and interconnected urban areas.

For more details, please visit The oBike App is currently available on the App Store and Google Play.





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